Andrew Thurgood explains his motivation behind citizenAID

Today Andrew gave some of his reasons for co-authoring and donating so much of his time to the citizenAID project :

Andrew Thurgood

As an emergency nurse working in both the hospital and the prehospital setting I have seen patients who have received awful injuries and have only survived because of the quick thinking of a member of the public. Many of these people who have stepped forward and helped do not understand how important these simple actions were.

citizenAID allows us to actively promote the importance of doing these simple things in difficult circumstances—a shooting, stabbing or bombing. citizenAID can be done by anyone and its simplicity is the key to its power. During an incident, members of the public can use citizenAID to navigate through the chaos: I like to think of it as the public’s compass to guide them to do the right thing at the right time.
citizenAID helps the public to protect themselves and others from further harm and to save lives. I have great admiration for anyone who takes on first aid training. citizenAID does not replace existing first aid training programmes, but rather complements these with specific actions to take for gunshot, stabbing and blast injury.
We know that the earlier we react effectively to incidents with multiple casualties the more survivors we see. Every incident has one thing in common: the public will be there. And they will be there even if the emergency services are not. So let’s empower the public to do the right thing, at the right time, with citizenAID.”

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