citizenAID Co-Founder writes for Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Brigadier Timothy Hodgetts

citizenAID Co-Founder, Brigadier Tim Hodgetts, is featured in December’s edition of Surgeons’ News, the medical magazine of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Discussing the creation of citizenAID, and the rationale behind this growing philanthropic initiative, Tim’s article discusses how the healthcare profession has long recognised the need to prepare the public to deal with everyday medical emergencies and the teaching of CPR for cardiac arrest.

The remaining public skills gap, however, lies in instilling the same culture of preparedness for serious injury, and how civilian healthcare can learn from recent hard-won military medical experience. These lessons, if implemented effectively, can save lives in the event of a deliberate attack and military-style injuries—a need that has accelerated significantly in the last few years.

Within the informative feature, Tim explains the principles British soldiers have been following for almost 20 years, that have had a dramatic effect on the clinical outcomes of the critically injured. It was from these standards that citizenAID was founded, and has developed its own code of practice, app and pocket guide to help the public to ‘Be prepared, not scared’ in the unlikely, but possible event of a deliberate attack.

Tim also discusses the charity’s journey to reinstate the tourniquet as a life-saving intervention, again learning from the contemporary evidence of use in military blast and gunshot casualties, to re-set the narrative that has seen tourniquet use being actively discouraged. The charity is promoting its own low-cost tourniquet, the Tourni-Key, to help maximise the access to this life-saving intervention.

The full article is currently available in the latest issue of Surgeons’ News or can be downloaded HERE: Surgeons News Nov 17_citizenAID.

citizenAID would like to take this opportunity to thank the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, who have placed their support in the charity since November 2016.