About Us

citizenAID is the initiative of four deeply experienced UK civilian and military clinicians working in collaboration with industry to improve public resilience.

When there is a shooting, stabbing or bomb explosion the initial priority will be public safety. This can delay the time before the emergency services are able to reach the injured. citizenAID enables the general public to be effective in these situations before the emergency services are available to provide professional medical support.

citizenAID is a simple, logical system of immediate actions. It is designed to guide the public to react safely, to pass effective messages to the emergency services, to prioritise the injured and to give life-saving first aid. This combination of effective organisation and immediate treatment will save lives.

citizenAID builds on tried and tested principles that have been used by individual soldiers to save life following comparable injuries sustained in the combat setting. citizenAID transfers the knowledge and skills to the public so that you can help yourself, your family and the wider community.

citizenAID is available to the whole public, with the fundamental resources being free to access and use. Additional optional training is available for those who work in jobs where there is perceived to be a higher threat or increased likelihood of encountering casualties from shooting, stabbing or bombing.

Be prepared – with citizenAID YOU can save lives

Brigadier Timothy Hodgetts

Brigadier Timothy Hodgetts CBE

Medical Director of the Defence Medical Services and Honorary Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Birmingham.

Sir Keith Porter

Sir Keith Porter

Professor of Clinical Traumatology, University of Birmingham.

Andrew Thurgood

Andrew Thurgood

Consultant Nurse in Pre-Hospital Care & Senior Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Emergency Medicine)

Colonel Peter Mahoney

Colonel Peter Mahoney CBE TD QHS

Immediate past Defence Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care.